Josie’s NYC Studio Apartment

Glam Modernist

Josie is a busy lawyer, age 28 with no pets and no kids. She is furnishing her NYC studio apartment & had specific restrictions on hallway sizes in her new building for moving in and out. Lindsey, her stylist made sure to note the restrictions and research the overall sizes before selecting the perfect items for her space. Leah needed the furnishings in a hurry- so vendors & items were chosen which have quick ship options. Her style is a touch glamour, a touch modern and a little eclectic. 

Hello, I'm Lindsey. I love a design challenge, and look forward to offering solutions that work for you beyond what you may have otherwise considered. I love mixing styles, working a design around that perhaps 'questionable' piece, and layering less expected color & textures, to pull it all together.

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