We are Spruce Up, a one-to-one personalized shopping service for all things home and design. By combining data science with a personal stylist, we create professionally designed looks with hand-picked pieces that specifically fit your home, budget and lifestyle. 

Our team understands that every day life can get hectic and more often than not, leaves you with very little free time. Finding the time to pick out a new sofa or replacing that bedspread you’ve had for years? Yeah, right!

That’s where we come in! Our goal at Spruce Up is to eliminate the time and stress of shopping for your home and instead, creating a fun and successful experience. Sit back, relax and know you are in good hands!



Mia is a three-time founder with deep domain expertise in design, ecommerce and lifestyle industries. A Scandinavian native, her true passion is creating beautiful and functional products and environments that enhance the way we live. 



Mike’s experience in e-commerce, machine learning and recommendation systems are a great fit for Spruce Up’s mission to apply data-driven personalization to help people surround themselves with the things that make them happy. 

Our Executive Team


Lead Stylist

Anne, a seasoned entrepreneur in interior design, has a passion for designing homes that reflect her customer's lifestyle. She is excited to pair the skills of stylist with the customer who faces decision fatigue in the abyss of the ecommerce home decor marketplace.


Head of UX

Leigh is a product design leader with a passion for creating innovative, useful, and usable experiences. Her user-centric product approach helps drive Spruce Up’s goal to reduce frustration and increase delight for our customers.


General Merchandising Manager

Jessica is a skilled merchant with extensive experience building assortments and developing products for major home and lifestyle retailers. She lives and breathes home decor, and her passion is finding the best product for customers by searching the global marketplace.

Our Team

Spruce Up is a team of creators who are focused on finding that perfect item for your home. We have a passion for bringing joy to our customers and will continue working with you and for you to ensure that goal is met. Meet the rest of the team…

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One-to-one personal shopping service for all things home and design.

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